John Phillip Schaefer Report

Generation One


This is the Lineage of Johann Phillipp Schaefer as I know it to be


JOHANN PHILLIPP SCHAEFER 1, was born Unknown in Germany and died About 1857 in Germany. He married KATHARINA SCHMITT. She was born Unknown and died July 31, 1837 in Göllheim, Bayern, Germany.


Possible birth and death record for JOHANN PHILLIPP SCHAEFER is:

Born March 26, 1795 in Schönberg, Gronau, Bensheim, Hessen, Germany and died September 20, 1856 in Schönberg, Gronau, Bensheim, Hessen, Germany.

Site Owner Note: This record has one conflict — location. It is a different location from where all of his children were born, where the his first two children and his wife died and are buried. However, there were quite a few years between these events and his own death. I'm inclined to believe this is the correct record.



Early research listed the wife of JOHANN PHILLIPP SCHAEFER as ANNA MARIA SCHMICH.

There are many records for close matches of a JOHANN SCHAEFER and ANNA MARIE SCHMICH. Based on the immigration record of their son, JACOB SCHAEFER, he traveled with his brother, CHRISTIAN SCHAEFER who died on the passage. The children listed below are records of JOHANN PHILLIPP SCHAEFER and KATHARINA or CATHRINE SCHMITT, both names spelled or misspelled consistently in each child's birth and christening record.

The information at the Meigs County Museum written about Dr. Jacob Schaefer (from his information) states his mother's name was Anna Maria Schmich. If the possible birth and death record for JOHANN PHILLIPP SCHAEFER is correct, Jacob Schaefer's grandmother's given name was ANNA MARIA.



1. JAKOB SCHAEFER, b. November 9, 1816, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany; d. November 24, 1816, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany.
2. JOHANN PHILLIPP SCHAEFER, b. September 14, 1817, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany; d. December 30, 1852, Gauersheim, Bayern, Germany.
3. ELISABETH SCHAEFER, b. April 24, 1819, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany; d. Unknown.
4. CHRISTIAN SCHAEFER, b. January 27, 1823, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany; d. About 1849, At Sea during the passage to America.
5. CHRISTINE SCHAEFER, b. March 27, 1825, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany; d. Unknown.
6. JACOB SCHAEFER, b. November 4 1826, Göllheim, Bayern, Germany; d. December 13, 1902, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio.







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