William Bagby Report

Generation Two


ROBERT BAGBY, SR. 2, (WILLIAM 1) was born About 1740 and died Unknown. He married UNKNOWN. She was born Unknown and died Unknown.

More About ROBERT BAGBY, SR.: Known to be the Kentucky branch. First Source: King and Queen County Virginia, by: Alfred P. Bagby.

Children of ROBERT BAGBY and UNKNOWN are:

1. DAVID BAGBY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
2. WILLIAM BAGBY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
3. JAMES BAGBY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
4. CHARLES BAGBY, b. July 19, 1780, Buckingham County, Virginia; d. April 23, 1871, Kenton County, Kentucky.
5. ROBERT BAGBY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.





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