Nathaniel Bagby Report

Generation One


Much of the lineage of Nathaniel D. Bagby has been verified or provided by Greg Sippel. Other research notes are in the report. In 2014 many additions were added by Sherri Schaefer Bagby.


NATHANIEL D. BAGBY, 1 was born March 11, 1780 in Virginia and died June 6, 1867 in Pittsfield, Pike County Illinois. He married (1) LUCY MONTAGUE HART. She was born January 2, 1777 and died May 27, 1841 in Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois. He married (2) ANN ELIZABETH ROGERS, the daughter of AMOS ROGERS and SARAH UNKNOWN on March 30, 1842 in Pittsfield County, Illinois. She was born About 1810 in Connecticut and died March 22, 1888 in Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois.

Notes for NATHANIEL D. BAGBY: I have in possession a copy of the following Will of Nathaniel Bagby issued in the State of Illinois, in the Pike County Court. In Probate, July Term. A.D. 1869 on this the Sixteenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundread and sixty seven. It was presented to the court by Ann E. Bagby along with a Proof Of Death from the State of Illinois of Pike County, of which I also have a copy.
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I Nathaniel Bagby of the County of Pike and State of Illinois do hereby make and declare this my last Will and Testament in the following manner and form to wit:


It is my Will that my Just debts and my funeral expenses should be fully.


After the payment of all debts as aforesaid, and my funeral expenses, I give devise and bequeath unto my wife Ann Elizabeth Bagby, during her natural life [natural life is crossed out and replaced with] Widowhood all my personal property, money choices [sp?] in action etc., and the use and occupation of any and all of whatever real estate of which I may be seized at my death, and if her death or on and at her second marriage, or marriages after my decease, all the property to her bequeathed, or so much thereof as shall remain unexpended, I desire shall be divided to and among my children living at the time as follows; To Elisha D. Bagby Five Dollars, to Larkin D. Bagby Five Dollars, to Lucinda Thornton Five Dollars, to Martha Hanks Five Dollars, to Mary Nicholson Five Dollars and to William Bagby Five Dollars. and to the heirs of my daughter Mahala Kent deceased Two Dollars being one Dollar each, And the balance of my said estate I bequeath to my younger set of children in equal proportions, and as a reason and Justification for the foregoing arrangement of my Will I desire to say that having heretofore liberally provided for my children herein before named they being the older set, I see fit and proper to make the division in manner and form herein before mentioned and stated.


I desire that after the death or marriage of my said wife, I desire that any and all the personal property monies & choices [sp?] in action which she derived from my estate shall be sold and the proceed ______? to and be equally divided among my said younger children, and the lands, or any real estate which I may own at death to be kept and rented or leased from time, to time, until my youngest arising thereon to be divided among my younger set of children, living at the time of her death in equal proportions to wit: between Amos Rogers Bagby, Lucy Russel Bagby, Charles D. Bagby, Nathaniel C. Bagby, Francis H. Bagby and John H. Bagby.

Fifth and lastly: [this number is not a typo — it is as the Will is written]

I hereby constitute and appoint Ruben W. Scanland Executor this my last Will and Testament, revoking and annulling all former Wills by me made and ratifying this my last Will and Testament and now other, In witness whereof I the said Nathaniel Bagby have hereunto subscribed my name and seal the 6th day of December 1856.

Nathaniel Bagby, seal

The foregoing Will was signed, sealed, published, declared by the said Nathaniel Bagby as his last Will and Testament in presence of us who in his presence, and in the presence of each other and at his request have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

Austin Barber, seal
J.A. Kenney, seal

[James A. Kenney]

Nathaniel Bagby's first wife was Lucy Montague Hart. His second wife was Ann Elizabeth Rogers [sometimes seen in documents as Rodgers]. Ann Elizabeth Rogers was born in Connecticut.

Nathaniel's children are as follows:

Lucy Montague Hart — Mother:

Mahala Bagby
Elisha D. Bagby
Larkin D. Bagby
Lucinda Bagby
Mary M. Bagby
Nancy Bagby
William Bagby
Martha Bagby

Ann Elizabeth Rogers — Mother:

Amos Rogers Bagby
Lucy Russel Bagby
Charles D. Bagby
Nathaniel C. Bagby
Francis H. Bagby
Quinton Bagby
John H. Bagby

Greg Sippel provided the following information which is intriguing.

According to the Pike County, Illinois Genealogical Society, Ann Elizabeth Rogers was the daughter of Amos Rogers of Connecticut.

There were several court cases where Amos Rogers had sued quite a few people including his own family members. There was quite an accumulation of papers. It spoke of how he was a ship captain and that his father before him was a ship captain. Eventually, Amos Rogers was committed to an asylum back in Connecticut and he continued to write to the Pike County Court from there.

You'll note that Ann Elizabeth Rogers & Nathaniel Bagby's first son was named for his grandfather, Amos Rogers. Also strange is that their first daughter was named Lucy for Nathaniel's first wife.

More About NATHANIEL D. BAGBY: Burial: Pittsfield West Cemetery, Illinois. Fact 1: Another source lists him as the son of John Wesley Bagby & Fannie Robinson, research per Tom Smith, May, 2001. Fact 2: Another source lists his birth date as February 11, 1780.


The Grave Marker in the Time Cemetery simply states:

"Lucy Bagby wife of N.D. Bagby died"

The stone is broken off at that point and replanted in the ground. It may have said more, but cannot be verified at this point in time.

LDS records indicate that Lucy's surname was Montague and that she was first married to James Hart. It is also recorded that they had a son, Thomas Hart who married Martha P. Cavins.

Research submitted by: Greg Sippel

More About ANN ELIZABETH ROGERS: Individual Note: A Pike County, Illinois record shows this wife as Elizabeth Whielding, marriage date March 31, 1842, but has Nathaniel listed as Nathaniel Bagley.

Children of NATHANIEL BAGBY and LUCY HART are:

1. MAHALA BAGBY, b. About 1800, Montgomery County, Kenucky; d. Unknown; m. HENRY KENTE, December 18, 1823, Montgomery County, Kentucky; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. Notes for MAHALA BAGBY: According to her father, Nathaniel D. Bagby's Will, there were [5] children born to Mahala. It appeared that Mahala died prior to 1856 when the will was written. More About HENRY KENTE: Individual Note: First and Last names provided by two separate sources. One of Henry Unknown - One of Unknown Kent.
2. ELISHA D. BAGBY, b. December 14, 1802, Montgomery County, Kentucky; d. December 22, 1876, Time, Illinois.
3. LARKIN D. BAGBY, b. May 2, 1807, Montgomery County, Kentucky; d. December 2, 1878, Pittsfield, Illinois.
4. LUCINDA BAGBY, b. April 10, 1811, Montgomery County, Kentucky; d. Unknown.
5. MARY M. BAGBY, b. About 1813, Montgomery County, Kentucky; m. R.S. NICHOLSON; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. More About MARY M. BAGBY: Another source lists her husband as John Tomleson.
6. NANCY BAGBY, b. About 1815, Montgomery County, Kentucky; d. Unknown. More About NANCY BAGBY: Since she is not mentioned in her Father's Will, one could speculate that she died prior to 1856 leaving no heirs.
7. MARTHA BAGBY, b. About 1820, Montgomery County, Kentucky; m. FIELDING HANKS; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. More About MARTHA BAGBY: Birth date is approximate from her Father's Will. Another source shows About 1828. 8. WILLIAM BAGBY, b. About 1824, Montgomery County, Kentucky; d. Unknown. Note: Found in 1850 Pike County, Illinois Census with Wife and children in a separate household from his father, Nathaniel and step-mother, Ann.


1. AMOS ROGERS BAGBY, b. About 1843, Pike County, Illinois; d. December 18, 1886, Pike County, Illinois.
2. LUCY RUSSEL BAGBY, b. About 1844, Pike County, Illinois; d. Unknown.
3. CHARLES D. BAGBY, b. About 1846, Pike County, Illinois; d. Unknown. More About CHARLES D. BAGBY: Per Census Records, Charles was a Civil War Veteran.
4. NATHANIEL C. BAGBY, b. November 1847, Pike County, Illinois; d. August 19, 1903, Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska. More About NATHANIEL C. BAGBY: Found in 1900 Norfolk Hospital for the Insane, Norfolk District, Madison County, Nebraska. (see note about his Grandfather, Amos Rogers). Burial: Parkview Cemetery, Hastings, Nebraska.
5. FRANCES H. BAGBY, b. About 1849, Pike County, Illinois; d. Unknown.
6. QUINTON BAGBY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. More About QUINTON BAGBY: No mention is made of Quinton Bagby in his Father's Will.
7. JOHN H. BAGBY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. More About JOHN H. BAGBY: John H. Bagby is mentioned in his Father's Will, dated 1856.





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