These are the collaborators who have contributed their research to be compiled with the research of sherri schäefer bagby to publish a genealogy of the surname Bagby.

Collaborators Collaborators Collaborators
Zoe Bagby [Alexander] Dan Mark Dunham Vinita Shaw
Adam Lee Bagby Scout Finch Ralph Raymond Sherman
Anne Bagby Sylvia Fleming William Short
Clarence Burton Bagby Stuart N. Ford Nell Grace Bagby [Simmons]
Donna Kay Holland [Bagby] Betsy Foster Ray Simmons
Elaine Porter [Bagby] Fred Goerler Greg Sippel
James Morris Bagby Beverly Green Virginia Elizabeth Slaughter
Joel Bagby Ruth Hall Thomas A. Smith
Jeff Bagby Susan Brownley Hannah Paul Sowash
John English Bagby Joyce Matilda Bagby [Hockett] Laura J. Stewart
Kimberly Bagby Virginia Temple Bagby [Holden] Carol Thornton
Pleasant Harwood "Plez" Bagby, Jr. Janice Cooper [Holmes] Don Thornton
Pleasant Harwood "Plez" Bagby, Sr. T.R. Laming Maxine Barber Ulrich
Roy Lynn Bagby Sarah "Page" McCranie Lee Marshall Bagby [Viverette]
Commander William Boyle Bagbey Betty Jo McDaniels Geoffrey Watson
William Hugh Bagby, Jr. Marilyn Ruth Bagby [Melton] Robert L. Watson
Rose Marie Bollinger Elizabeth Clopton Vaughan [Mingus] Fran Wheeler
Jackie Rose Bagby [Burdette] Mary Jean Simmons [Power] Paula Ptacek [Wright]
Barbara Lyndall [Butler] Kris Preddy Anne Aiken Gotham [Thompson]
Don Chamberlayne Laura King Hannan [Price]  
Frances Elizabeth Bagby [Collinson] Linda Gayle Bartlam [Reams]  
Michael Thomas Currie George Oliver Rudd  
Lynda Bagby [Deal] Helen Rudd  
Carole Heath Jackson [Dilley] Major Walter Moncure Ryland, III  
Rebekah Duffy Debbie Schmidt