Johann Philipp Schäfer Report

Generation Two


This is the Lineage of Johann Philipp Schäfer as I know it to be


JOHANN GEORG SCHÄFER 2, (JOHANN PHILIPP 1) was born December 9, 1808 in Dossenheim, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and died Unknown. He married ELISABETH MILTNER, the daughter of JOHANNES MILTNER and ANNA MARIA STAMMLER on June 28, 1836 at Katholisch in Dossenheim, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany. She was born About 1811 and died Unknown.


More About JOHANN GEORG SCHÄFER: Marriage Source Reference: FHL Film Number: 1052369, Reference ID: 2:1PKK9B6



1. JOHANN GEORG SCHÄFER, b. April 20, 1842, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; d. Unknown.
2. KATHARINA SCHÄFER, b. October 11, 1844, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; d. Unknown.



JACOB [M.D.] SCHAEFER 2, (JOHANN PHILIPP 1) was born November, 4 1826 in Dossenheim, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and died December 13, 1902, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio. He married CATHERINE ELIZABETH BUERCHELER. She was born December 2, 1827 in Zürich, Switzerland and died December 3, 1898 in Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio.



Name: Jacobus Schaefer
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 04 Nov 1826
Baptism Date: 05 Nov 1826
Baptism Place: Katholisch, Dossenheim, Heidelberg, Baden
Father: Philippi Schaefer
Mother: Annae Mariae Schmich
FHL Film Number 1052368



JACOB SCHAEFER, M.D. is a native of Germany, born at Dossenheim, near Heidelberg, Baden, November 5, 1826. His parents were John Philip and Anna M. [Schmich] Schaefer, both of whom died in Germany, the latter in 1837 and the former in 1857.

Jacob Schaefer entered the Heidelberg University, and studied there two years, 1847—1848; then, having participated in the Revolution of that date, he emigrated to America in 1850.

In 1854 he came to Minersville, Meigs County, Ohio and entered into the drug business and the practice of his profession. In 1862 he went to Athens County, Ohio, and for seven years practiced medicine, and then came to Salisbury Township, where he has since lived, and commanded a large practice in his profession.

In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, June 14, 1851, he married Elizabeth Buercheler, who was born in Kloton, Canton, Zuerich, Switzerland, December 2, 1827. Her parents Henry and Susanna [Eberhard] Buercheler died in Switzerland; her mother in 1842, and her father in 1874.

Dr. and Mrs. Schaefer have been the parents of: Edward B., born November 15, 1852, lives in Meigs County; Anna, born June 28, 1854, died August 18, 1856; Alfred, born May 28, 1856, died August 8, 1856; Walter, born July 25, 1857, died November 3, 1857; Emma [Ashworth] born August 12, 1858, lives in this County; Ida, born May 2, 1861, died October 1, 1866; Rudolph, born May 16, 1862, died July 25, 1872; Henrietta, born June 5, 1863, died June 26, 1863; Amanda D., born June 29, 1864, and Florence, born July 30, 1865, live at home; Nellie, born March 27, 1871, died October 5, 1871.

Dr. Schaefer held the office of postmaster at Minersville, 1857—1862, and was elected Coroner of Meigs County in 1882.

Source: Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia — 1883, page 18, Meig's County Archive Library.


Education: Attended 2 years at Heidelberg University School of Medicine.
Emigration: To America in 1850.
Military Service: Participated in the Revolution in Germany, About 1848.

Source: Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia — 1883, page 18, Meig's County Archive Library.



The spelling of Buercheler as seen here was taken from the article above from the Meigs County Archive Library and the article in the notes under Norman Estes Schaefer in this report. An alternate spelling of the surname as Buerchaler was taken from the family Bible by Helene Elizabeth Schaefer [Dunkle] and provided to Carole Ann Wright [Priemer].

Early research shows she was the daughter of Henry Buercheler and Susanna Eberhard, both died in Switzerland, her mother in 1842 and her father in 1874.



1. EDWARD BRUTUS SCHAEFER, b. November 15, 1852, Gallipolis, Ohio; d. June 29, 1924, Meigs County, Ohio.
2. ANNA SCHAEFER, b. June 28, 1854, Ohio; d. August 18, 1856, Ohio.
3. ALFRED SCHAEFER, b. May 28, 1856, Ohio; d. August 8, 1856, Ohio.
4. WALTER SCHAEFER, b. July 25, 1857; d. November 3, 1857.
5. EMMA SCHAEFER, b. August 12, 1858, Meigs County, Ohio; d. June 9, 1924, Meigs County, Ohio.
6. IDA SCHAEFER, b. May 2, 1861, Meigs County, Ohio; d. October 1, 1866, Meigs County, Ohio.
7. RUDOLPH SCHAEFER, b. May 16, 1862, Meigs County, Ohio; d. July 25, 1872, Meigs County, Ohio.
8. HENRIETTA SCHAEFER, b. June 05, 1863, Meigs County, Ohio; d. June 26, 1863, Meigs County, Ohio.
9. AMANDA D. SCHAEFER, b. June 29, 1864; Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio; d. October 10, 1953, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio.
10. FLORENCE "FLORA" SCHAEFER, b. July 30, 1865, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio; d. May 9, 1949, Meigs County, Ohio.
11. NELLIE SCHAEFER, b. March 27, 1871, Meigs County, Ohio; d. October 5, 1871, Meigs County, Ohio. More About NELLIE SCHAEFER: Meigs County Birth Record shows March 5, 1870.





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