Josiah Bagby Report

Generation Two


JOSIAH W. BAGBY 2, (JOSIAH 1) was born September, 1835 in Virginia, (possibly Buckingham County), and died Unknown. He married MARTHA AGNES KIDD, the daughter of SAMUEL HENRY KIDD and HANNAH WINSTON "ANNIE" TILMAN on April 29, 1855. She was born November, 1837 in Virginia, (possibly Fluvanna County) and died Unknown.

More About JOSIAH W. BAGBY: Occupation: Carpenter.


Former research showed her name as Martha E. Agnes Redd. This information was updated February, 2005, per research of Linda Gayle Bartlam [Reams]. The parents names were also added at this time. It is possible her birth information may need changed.

It has now been established by the research of Dan Dunham that MARTHA A. KIDD is the correct name for the wife of this particular Josiah W. Bagby.

Originally, this report showed only one child, Samuel H. Lee Bagby for this family. Per the research of Dan Dunham, February, 2005, the names and approximate birth dates of the other children have been added. The source is 1870 Fluvanna County, Virginia Census Record.

Per Dan Dunham:

Based on the 1860 Virginia Census for Fluvanna County: Series: M653 Roll: 1345 Page: 738, I am led to believe that the Josiah W Bagby who married a woman named Martha, was married to Martha A Kidd, not Redd, as Josiah and Martha are enumerated amid several Kidd families, one headed by Samuel Kidd. Checking the 1850 Virginia Census, Fluvanna County, No Twp Listed: Series: M432 Roll: 944 Page: 21, I find Samuel H Kidd, 52 with wife Hannah W, age 42 and among their children, Martha A Kidd, age 13. No corresponding Bagby family for Josiah is found in Fluvanna County in 1850.

This would not be the Josiah Bagby, born in 1844, as noted by another researcher as the 1900 Census for Henrico County, Fairfield District: Series: T623 Roll: 1713 Page: 141, shows that Josiah was born in September, 1835 and Martha was born November, 1837. This corresponds with their ages in other Census enumerations.

Josiah W. Bagby and Martha are enumerated in 1910 Virginia Census, Henrico County, Marshall-Wd Richmond: Series: T624 Roll: 1645 Page: 190. In 1920 Martha is a widow living with her son and daughter-in-law in Richmond.

Note: The 1900 Henrico County, Virginia Census Record reveals the month and year for the birth of Josiah W. Bagby and Martha Kidd [Bagby]. It also lists that they were born in Virginia and that their parents were born in Virginia.


Children of JOSIAH BAGBY and MARTHA KIDD are:

1. WILLIE W. BAGBY, b. About 1857, d. Unknown.
2. NANNIE H. BAGBY, b. About 1859, d. Unknown.
3. MARY P. BAGBY, b. About 1861, d. Unknown.
4. FANNIE B. BAGBY, b. About 1865, d. Unknown.
5. JOHN W. BAGBY, b. About 1863, d. Unknown.
6. AMANDA E. BAGBY, b. About 1869, d. Unknown.
7. SAMUEL H. LEE BAGBY, b. About 1872, d. Unknown.





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